We have goals... We have deadlines… We have important things to do... We need the right fuel to get us there.
That's why we're fed up with boring salads

We’re fed up of bland, watery lettuce with little nutritional value and feeling like rabbits chewing on grass while we try and eat it.

Why can't salads just taste good?

 Wilde was born out of frustration from the lack of healthy options available to us at lunch. What we put in our mouths on a daily basis directly affects our performance in life and we just couldn't eat another carb-heavy sandwich with crisps and a cola and expect to achieve our potentials. We wanted something hearty, that is as good for us as it tastes and does more than just fill a hole. 

The Wilde guarantee
  1. Supported by our nutritionist to cater for every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Every salad is crafted to hit key nutritional points based on scientific study allowing you to be as confident as we are that the food you're getting is truly super.
  2. Full of the best ingredients. Made from daily fresh fruit and veg. Only the very best ingredients go into making our salads. Our menu is inspired by the seasons as well as the superstars of the superfood world. From couscous to our packaging we're also very proud of the ethical companies we have chosen to supply us.
  3. Sensational to chomp. We don’t just care about the nutrition. If it doesn’t taste good then what’s the point? From blueberries to salmon, our menu is designed to excite and entice. 

Quite simply: our mission is to help you live to your potential and we believe that starts with what we put in our mouths