What you knead to know 
1. Skip the flour. Pour a little olive oil onto a flat surface and rub a little into your hands. This will stop the dough from sticking better than flour and stop the dough from drying out. Plop the dough in the center.  
2. Press the dough down into a large flat disc using the palm of your hand. Next, use the middle three fingers on each of your hands to press the dough out from the center, widening that flat disc into a large circle.
3. carefully pick up the dough and hold it with both hands on the top edge letting the rest of the dough hang down. Gravity is going to do some of the stretching work as you gently rotate the dough in one direction like turning a wheel. Slowly pull the dough from hand to hand as the dough hangs down until you reach your desired thickness and size. Don’t stress about holes. Just pinch any thin bits or holes back together and press out any thick bits. 
4. Invert a baking tray to cook your pizza on a flat surface. Cover with parchment paper or a little polenta to stop the pizza from sticking. Carefully move your stretched pizza dough to your prepared tray and stretch out with your hands if needed. 
5. Start topping! The tomato pizza sauce first and then the cheese. After this, you do you baby. There are no rules!  Cook at 180 until your desired level of crispy or you just can’t wait any more.