We're plastic free!

Here's why explained best by Jeff Bridges

All our packaging is 100% plastic free. Only materials that are fully recyclable or biodegradable are used. Even our dressing pots and forks are made from plant based PLA and fully compostable. PLA is a type of Bioplastic made from starch that looks like conventional plastic but is actually fully biodegradable within 100 Days. Although we may stock items from other producers that contain plastic, we are trying to limit these and choosing alternatives were possible. Help us join the fight by saying no to single-use plastic.  

We are also conscious of the impact a business like ours has on the environment, both physically and socially. Through recycling, sourcing organically where possible and reducing our amount of food waste, we are conscious to make available a more sustainable way of enjoying healthy food for our customers and staff. With all this in mind, we are constantly trying to improve and find new ways to reduce our impact and improve on our contribution to the world.