A Wilde Adventure

A Wilde Adventure



You've found a secret treasure hidden and long forgotten by ancient Wildlings. 

The Wildlings are an ancient culture who worshipped at this temple of healthy eating. 

Add this QR code to bag yourself some ancient Wilde treasure delivered tomorrow at this fridge with your name on it. (You will need to keep a portion of this to complete the adventure) 

It is up to you to be the first to find all the secret talismans which will lead you to the greatest treasure of them all..... everlasting health! In the end, there can be only one.

Share this sacred knowledge of the hidden Wildling treasure with other explorers, if you dare! But remember, the person who can keep a secret may be wise, but they are not half as wise as the person with no secrets to keep.

Keep an eye out for clues and more QR codes hidden among the plants of this vast corporate jungle.