Veg Box Bristol

Glorious Variety Veg Box (The only veg box you'll ever need!)


This is the only box Wilde now do and that's simply for one reason. This has been branded the "best veg box in Bristol!" by our customers so we're throwing everything at it to maintain that title.

You will not be disappointed!

Like variety? Revel in new experiences and challenges? Show off your cooking prowess and never get bored with our most exciting veg box yet. But it's not for the faint-hearted! 

A mix of wonderful and delicious fresh veg that changes with every delivery. Do you accept the challenge? feeds 2-4 per week.

Every box starts with a culinary base of onions, garlic and potato. Then it's a free for all of the most interesting and freshest vegetables and fruits we can get that morning from the fresh fruit and veg market. 

Only for the Wilde at heart.

As an example, our first-ever box included the following items-

Potatoes, Onions, Leeks, Aubergine, Garlic, Lemons, Cherry vine tomatoes, Cucumber, Rainbow Chard, Fennel, Basil, Avocado, Red Cabbage, Field Mushrooms, Pears, and Broccoli. 

Who knows whats next?

  • Free home delivery
  • Contact-free delivery
  • No plastic packaging
  • We plant a tree in a developing nation with each delivery. The planet still needs us. 

Add a freshly baked rustic stick of bread for £1.50.

Or 6 free-range eggs for £2.

We aim to deliver between 9 am and 6pm. 

Free delivery to the centre of bristol and immediate surrounding area.

Delivery days

BS5. BS6. BS7. BS8. BS15. BS81. BS82. BS83 (The Clifton side). BS84.

BS1. BS2. BS3. BS4.

*** If you have any absolute dislikes then please pop up to 2 items in the notes at checkout and we will not include these items for you.