Grow Your Own Micro Herb Kit!
Grow Your Own Micro Herb Kit!
Grow Your Own Micro Herb Kit!
Grow Your Own Micro Herb Kit!

Grow Your Own Micro Herb Kit!


Grow your own micro herbs for that extra bit of class and extra bit of smug satisfaction at diner time. Introducing-

The Brassica Bundle

Made up of 4 individual grow trays. Mustard, red cabbage, broccoli and radish. Packed with goodness this mighty bundle is ready to rock n roll in 8-10 days. Just add water and let the seeds do the rest!

Grow Bristol

Grow Bristol is leading the movement for changing the way we feed our cities. They grow high quality & ultra-local produce in their indoor farm all-year-round and are busy creating the next generation of urban farms and future farmers for a more sustainable future.

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Growing instructions:

  1. Find something to sit your punnets in. It could be a small plate or an old takeaway tray.
  2. Take the cardboard lid off your punnets and wet the compost.
  3. Scatter the seeds over the damp compost making sure to spread them as evenly as possible. If you have a spray bottle give the seeds a little spray.
  4. Put the cardboard lid back on nice and tight making sure no light can get in.
  5. The damp compost will activate the seed germination. To speed things up try keeping them somewhere warm like a sunny windowsill or on top of your boiler.
  6. Check on the seeds every day or two to make sure they are nice and damp.
  7. After 4 to 6 days your seedlings should be ready for some light! You’ll know because they’ll start to push off the cardboard lid.
  8. When ready, remove the lid and place the punnets somewhere nice and light.
  9. Water every day or so from underneath and your microgreens will be ready in a week or so.
  10. Cut from just above the lip of the punnet and enjoy!
  11. As long as you keep watering the micros will keep on growing for you to eat when you like.
  12. When your finished, put the whole lot in your food or compost bin, or save the punnet to use for some seedlings.
  13. Don’t forget to send in pictures using #GrowBristolGYO on Instagram.