Autumn group lunch buffet
Autumn group lunch buffet
Autumn group lunch buffet

Autumn group lunch buffet


Build your perfect lunch with our group lunch option for £7.95 per person. Cater for all stomach sizes and all dietary requirements in one go while treating your team to something new and healthy that will leave them full all day.

You will receive a box of Wilde mixed leaf salad.

This is accompanied with a selection of delicious ingredients individually packaged in biodegradable boxes. From Blueberries to Olives to lean Chicken and gluten free Falafel you will receive all that Wilde and our local producers have to offer from the season. 

All you have to do is pick up a box and start filling it with all your favourite Organic ingredients. Top it off with a selection of nuts, seeds and handmade dressings. 

All lunches come with cutlery and our entire packaging range is 100% plastic free and recyclable meaning you won't have to worry about the waste.

To place an order or enquire please just send a message, give us a call 01172 510034 or order through the site.

Our menu is seasonal and constantly changes but here are some examples of the delicious locally sourced ingredients you may receive. Lean Chicken, Gluten free Falafel, Blueberries, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Feta, Olives, Chilli, Beetroot houmous, Steamed Broccoli, Black rice, Mixed seeds and a selection of delicious dressings.

6 person minimum order and 24 hours notice required (before 2pm the day before delivery. For Monday delivery please order by 2pm Friday)

Please declare any allergies when ordering. 

Would you like a free sample of this menu item? Click HERE